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What Is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic was founded in 1895 when a deaf janitor had his hearing restored after he received an adjustment from Daniel David Palmer.

"There is a vast difference between Treating the Effects and
Adjusting the Cause"
-DD Palmer

"The preservation of health
is easier than the
cure for disease" 
-BJ Palmer

Chiropractic Focuses On Aligning The Spine
To Balance The Nervous System

spinal cord in body_edited_edited.png

The brain controls the entire body communicating through the nervous system

The nervous system is located in the brain and spinal cord 

A b_edited.png

Subluxations create interference in the nervous system causing the body to not communicate properly


The spine is composed of different segments called spinal vertebrae


When a spinal vertebra is out of position compared to the other segments this is called a subluxation

Chiropractors adjust these subluxations to help the body function to the best of its ability

"The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body"


For example: a newborn knows how to breathe, poop, and digest food

all without someone telling them how to. 

Every person is born with an Innate Intelligence

(The body functions without you having to think about it).

This intelligence controls heartrate, breathing, hormone levels, every little detail Keeping You Alive

"Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you instantly heal better"

Chiropractic focuses on correcting the subluxation by putting in a gentle force opening the nerve channels allowing the body (innate intelligence) to properly communicate again.  

The bones in our body are meant to protect the nerves. Any distortion of the bones (subluxation) can irritate those very nerves they are meant to protect. 


Sometimes when the body adapts (how it is supposed to) there may be symptoms. The presence of symptoms means

the body is going through change.

The Presence Of Symptoms Doesn't Mean You Are Sick

The Absence Of Symptoms Doesn't Mean You Are Healthy 

It may indicate something is wrong or it could be a normal response such as being sore from working out. 

You can still have subluxations with no symptoms. Majority of the time, symptoms are the last thing to appear potentially years later.

Sandy Beach

"The Key to Success is Often the Ability to Adapt"

You Were Meant to THRIVE 
Not Just Survive

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