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Adapt & Thrive

Together We Can Thrive

Make yourself a priority.

You are worth it.

Whether you are preparing for a race, pregnant, working long hours, retired, postpartum, or simply wanting to put your health first, there is a place for you here! 

I take a full body approach helping you feel your best in any stage of life you are in. 

Chiropractic care for the whole family! 

Specializing In:

Newborn Baby Sleeping

*Webster Certified*


Common Conditions:

  • Back Pain / Sciatica

  • Round Ligament Pain

  • SPD (pubic symphysis pain)

  • Tailbone Pain

  • Anxiety 


Common Conditions: 

  • Diastasis Recti 

  • Neck / Shoulder / Wrist Pain

  • Pelvic Pain & Dysfunction

  • Leg / Knee / Foot Pain 

  • Jaw / TMJ Pain


Common Conditions: 

  • Torticollis (head turning dysfunction)

  • Tongue / Lip Tie Support 

  • Ear Infections / Congestion 

  • Digestive Issues (Reflux / Gas) 

  • Plagiocephaly (flat spots on head) 

Kids Running


Common Conditions:

  • Ear Aches 

  • Digestive Issues 

  • Concentration Concerns 

  • Asthma / Allergies 

  • Injuries from Playing 

Runner Track and Field

Sports Care

Common Conditions: 

  • Sprains / Strains 

  • Tendonitis 

  • Shin Splints 

  • Rotator Cuff Injuries 

  • Neck / Back / Hip / Leg / Knee / Ankle / Shoulder / Elbow / Wrist Pain 

*Common conditions are listed to give an idea of what chiropractic care may help individuals with​.

Sandy Beach

Chiropractic Care
During Pregnancy Reduces
Labor + Delivery Time by 25%

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